Scientific Assessments & Planning

Scientific Assessments & Planning:   Air Quality  –  Renewable Energy

We illuminate complex interconnections among people & nature

and support planning for steps that are good for people and nature.

Our special expertise and focus is on air quality and related
environmental, energy, economic and social concerns.
We give special attention to renewable energy developments,
as well as energy efficiency and conservation
as essential long-term solutions to these concerns.
We collaborate closely with Dave Renné Renewables, 
International Solar Energy Society, American Solar Energy Society
and the Global Emissions IniAtive (GEIA).

Assessments: We work with individuals, organizations and diverse groups to integrate environmental, technical, economic and social considerations into assessments that bring new insights into the costs, benefits, feasibility, and desirability of alternative policy, regulatory or personal decisions on all scales, from local to global.

Planning: We are committed to working closely with clients to assess current situations and concerns and help them create new paths and strategies of high value to themselves and the world.

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