Through creating and sharing positive steps,
good will grow and peace will prevail.

Panorama Pathways Offers
Scientific Assessments & Planning  | Inspirational Outreach

Air Quality–Renewable Energy    Videos–Networking

To help people and organizations create new paths and share news

about progress toward understanding and peace

Paulette Middleton 

Creator & President

I am an air quality expert, renewable energy advocate, and positive outreach enthusiast

working with atmospheric scientists, solar energy researchers, and innovative communicators

to illuminate the complex interactions among people and nature,

develop strategies that lead us to a renewable energy world for all, and

create inspirational outreach to grow support for the energy and other transformations needed for a more peaceful world.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Tel: 303-517-8291

Collaborating Partners

Dave Renné Renewables
“International Renewable Energy Analysis & Development”
Aspen Hill Films
“A Window on the World of Positive Change”
Positive Pace
“Positive News for a Peaceful Future”
Key Activities
Network Manager & Founding Organizer – GEIA (Global Emissions InitiAtive)
“Brings together people, data, and tools to create
highest quality information on
past, present and future chemical exchange
processes throughout the world”
Membership & Outreach Advisor - International Solar Energy Society
Operations Advisor – American Solar Energy Society
“Promotes the rapid transition to a renewable energy world
where everyone has access to energy,
energy is used efficiently and wisely, and the
energy sources are all renewable”

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Stepping Stones to World Peace